The ride in world heritage area is truly magical !

Our Team

Angkor Cycling Tour is a local tour operator, founded by Bobo and Nay in 2010 with its former name Angkor Quality Bicycle. Our main objective is to provide a warm welcome and the best service to make the tourists feel the most enjoyment and bring back home an unforgettable memory in Cambodia. 

Throughout the journey of almost one decade, we have been working with strong motivation and enthusiasm to always come with something new and great for our clientele. For every of our tour destination, we help the tourists to discover the real surface of Cambodia, both touristic and exclusively the non-touristic area. We help you get to know more about Siem Reap, not only the temple part, but the whole of Siem Reap. 

All of the fruitful history we have built so far is the combination of the effort came from us, not less than 100 local people. We come from different part of Cambodia and gather here under the one roof of Angkor Cycling Tour and work in different section regardless of different talent.

 countryside tourMr. Bobo (general Manager, tour guide, mechanic) is the leader who have been exploring in touristic domain for more than 20 years. In his childhood, due to the financial crisis of the family, he had to work in a bike repair shop next to his primary school, so he has been with bicycle since he was 10 years old, and now he is the mechanic team leader. 
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Ms. Nay (co-founder) has been working in financial domain for more than 15 years and she also works in touristic domain at the same time.

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Mr. Kong (bicycle guide, mechanic operator) is from the central of Siem Reap, a university student. He has a great passion towards bicycle and enjoys doing the adventure ride. A helpful teammate, active and tolerant. 

 cheap secondhand bikeMr. Rith (English tour guide) is from Battambang (the province full of history, old building and monument). Before becoming a guide, he worked as a hotel night auditor. Dynamic and ambitious. 
bicycle siem reapMr. Roem (English tour guide) is from Siem Reap. This hard-working man has had 3 years experience in touristic domain and he also used to work for Cambodia Quad Bike.
cycling around siem reapMr. Chivath (English tour guide) is from Kompong Cham (located on the central lowlands of the Mekong River, advantageous for agriculture). People like him for being so reliable, sympathetic, passionate and intelligent.
 cheap secondhand bikeMs. Heng (seller) is from the west part of Siem Reap, a graduated university student. Loyal and engaging.
cycling around siem reapMs. Sokun (seller) is from the southern part of Siem Reap, a graduated university student. She also sells at her restaurant (No. 22) in Angkor Thom area. Flexible and freindly. 
ebike rentalMr. Ratana (mechanic, delivery man) is from Angkor Krao area, so that he knows the location really well. Hard-working, full of patience, helpful but a bit shy. 
 bike shopMr. Ngeuy (mechanic) is from Srash Srong area. He cannot hear nor speak and we use the body language to communicate, though he's a really smart guy. He's commited, full of motivation and friendly. People like him a lot. 
 giant shop in Siem reapMr. Chas (delivery man) is from an unfevorable farmer family in Banteay Srei. His name means "old" in English but he's a small young man. Helpful, focused and generous. 
angkor cycling tourMr. To (delivery manis from an unfevorable farmer family in Banteay Srei. His name means "table" in English. A quiet, easy-going and brave man. 
 cheap secondhand bikeMr. Ry (delivery man) is from an unfevorable farmer family in Banteay Srei. He loves spending his time alone watching TV. Quiet, patient, tolerant and a bit shy. 
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